Analysis of Speech Acts on Tony Abbott’s Statement Towards Bali Nine’s Death Penalty

Marisatul Khasanah


This study is aimed at revealing the speech acts implemented on Tony Abbott’s speech towards Bali Nine’s Death penalty. It is a qualitative study which implements speech acts theories. The data are collected through documentary technique. The data has revealed that there are three types of illocutionary acts realized in the speech and the representative act accounts for the largest proportion with 15 out of 22 utterances of illocutionary acts. Abbott has succeeded in telling the world about their disappointment towards the case. He was also able to make suggestions, complaint, assumptions, and conclusions as well as statement of some facts. He used directives which were delivered both in direct and indirect way trying to spur the audience to make some actions. At last, by using commissive, he also succeeded in convincing his audience about the promise and guarantee he has made.

Key words: Pragmatic, Speech, Speech Acts

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