Using Graphic Organizers to Enhance Students’ Writing Skill

Muhammad Noor Sulaiman Syah


To help students survive and compete in global interaction, teachers have to facilitate their students to be able to gain such writing competence. The ability in conducting a good writing is unavoidable. This ability plays a significant role to get and express one’s idea, thought and opinions. Students have to be able to absorb the idea of the text and create a good writing in many kinds of text including hortatory explanation text. Having a good writing, they could write for various purposes; to write a job letter, to share their idea and thought in face book or blogs and to write their own report on science experiments. In some cases, in the process of constructing the writing a text, we found the most difficulty faced by the students was in creating outline. They will face difficulties to reach the indicator in writing a text. As an instructional tool, graphic organizers (GOs) have been highly recommended and used in contemporary classrooms. GOs are said to be particularly valuable. Writing a text will be easy for students when they understand how to organize ideas. Organizing ideas could be studied from graphic organizers technique. So, based on the previous cases, the writer considers that graphic organizers tend to help students to organize ideas in writing a text.

Keywords: Graphic Organizers, Writing Skill, Hortatory Explanation Text.

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