Demokrasi Antara Pembatasan Dan Kebebasan Beragama Serta Implikasinya Terhadap Formalisasi Islam

Abu Hapsin


This paper discusses the relationship between democracy and freedom of religion. If democracy means that people have the freedom to do anything as long as it is within the constitutional frame, the question is whether or not it is allowed to interpret the formalization of religion in the political and legal order of a democratic country. This becomes the main issue discussed in this paper. There are at least two points of view used to analyze. First, the perspective of liberalists who place religion as an institution separate from the political issue so that religion is only a private matter. Because of its nature, this group is often referred to as a sparationist or privatist group. While the second perspective states that the principle of democracy is still workable in line with the principle of freedom of religion. Even religion must be included and becomes a part of the political issue. The second group argues that it is impossible to divide human beings at one time into a political man and at other times become a human being of religion.

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