Intelligent Tutoring Systems Untuk Identifikasi Kesalahan Mengerjakan Soal Persamaan Linear Berbasis Metode Working Memory

faried her mawan


Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are computer systems that provide command and tailored to students who apply the theory of learning by doing. Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools (CTAT) is one of the ITS which supports the creation of a flexible tutors for problem-solving simple and complex, capable of supporting several strategies that can describe what learners do when solving problems. In work on the problems of one variable linear equations, students often make different errors. This is due to memory each learner which vary from the information it receives. Therefore, in this study will try to identify patterns of errors in learners in working on one variable linear equations using the Working Memory. The media used is the ITS using CTAT tools.

In this research, learners have obtained material equation first. Only then used the media that will be used to solve the problem in one variable linear equations. From the study obtained a result that can map out the mistakes made in working on learners in particular equation, where the most frequent mistakes learners is to add just one segment of which should add both sides with the same numbers.

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