Sholikhul Hadi


end of the second and third centuries, Imam Muhammad bin
Idris Asy-syafi'i (150-204 H) founder of the Shafi'i school,
appeared in concocting, systematizing and recording the usul fiqh.
He was the first to record the science of ushul fiqh with his book
entitled Al-Risalah. The ushul fiqh analysts say that during the
fourth time the imam of the school, ushul fiqh finds its perfect form,
so that later generations tend to choose and use the method
according to the case faced in their own time. In particular the
book of Al Mustashfa is interesting to peel, because the book is
composed not only by using Shafi'iyyah method but also other
approaches such as philosophy and tasawuf.

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