ARAH BARU DESAIN KURIKULUM (Mengejawantahkan Nilai-Nilai KKNI dalam Konstruks Kurikulum PGMI)

Mas'udi Mas'udi


In its process, the National Education System (SNP) in
the target quality of education serves leaning to positive values   of
social development in the community. This has become a necessity
because the state has a great responsibility to direct the main
concepts of education to a more mature and make the child the
best education dimensionless generation of people in his life. This
demand is undoubtedly switch to stakeholders in a more focused
area that is College. In this framework the Universities largely
responsible for providing instructional design good for students
who join the educational units built.
The studies on the formulation of the current curriculum design is
necessarily directed to the contemporary frameworks formulated
by the government. In terms of social values   that want to be
introduced to the world of education, should be realized by all
practitioners in the development of education that education
itself will be held accountable to the common values   that thrive
in the community. For this reason, contemporary social values  
that developed in the middle of the community would essentially
become a major capital references must be embodied in education.


Design, Curriculum, the National Education System, Quality, Policy

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