Ahmad Atabik, Khoridatul Mudhiiah


Abstract: This article describes about educating school-agechildren through the development of intelligence through emotionaland spiritual intelligence. Is a necessity for parents to pay attentionto their children about education and growth? The success ofchildren in adulthood is not only determined because of skillknowledge (cognitive) alone, but is also influenced by other factors,namely the skills and intelligence of emotional intelligence; wherechildren are educated as early as possible to be able to regulatetheir emotions, as well as spiritual intelligence; which has beenintroduced since early childhood religion and akhlakul karimah.Thus, character building has a significance that cannot be ignoredby all parents and educators in formal schools. Since small childrenshould begin to be formed character and personality, cognitiveintelligence built based on knowledge, emotional intelligence basedon controlling and channeling energy toward positive emotions andspiritual intelligence through strengthening religious educationand childrens Ruhiyah, as well as the formation of characterbased on the implementation akhlakul karimah in children. Withthe building of character and intelligence of these children; childis expected to grow into a man of character that is useful for thehomeland, nation and religion.
Key words: Intelligence, Emotional, Spiritual, Children

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