Keberbakatan Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus di SD LB Purwosari Kudus

Muzdalifah M Rahman


CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS TALEN-TED AT SDLB PURWOSARI KUDUS. Research on “Children with Special Needs Talented in SDLB Purwosari Kudus” aimed to know about the situation of children with special needs talented in SDLB Purwosari Kudus. The research method used is a qualitative method. A collection of data that used is an interview (interview guide), observation, and documentation. The subjects in this research is students, teachers, and students parents in SDLB Purwosari Kudus. Data analysis using the three pattern that raised by Miles and Huberman, the reduction data and conclusion, the data that was undertaken on these days before, during and after the process or in the field. Results of research found that: First, in the form of talented in SDLB Purwosari Kudus student are drawing, dancing, singing, and made a kite; Second, a psychological aspects that are found in children with special needs is the lack of cognitive ability, stable of emotional, and the good in social ability; Third, physically factors is delayed the developing of children with special needs, lack of motivation, and lack of parent acceptance; Fourth, the supporting factors in talented improvement is competence and patience class teacher, competence extracurricular teacher, school facility, and BOS fund.


Children; Needs; Talented; SDLB


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