Implementasi Pendidikan Karakter Peduli Di SMP Negeri 1 Karangtengah Demak



Character Education Strengthen (PPK), that consists of social care characther education, is applied at SMP 1 Karangtengah. The purposes of this study are: Describing the implementation of social character education in Social Science learning, how the school culture in implementing social care character and the obstacles in the implementation of social care character education in SMP Negeri 1 Karangtengah. This is a qualitative descriptive study. Researchers conducted observations, interviews, and documentation. Analysis date uses reduction data, display data, and conclusions. The technique of data validity uses triangulation technique and triangulation source. The results showed that: (1) the implementation of educational character of social care starting from preparation of learning, the implementation of learning and evaluation of learning have been going well. (2) The school culture implemented already supports the inculcation of social caring character in the students. (3) Obstacles experienced in the implementation of social care character education in the form of obstacles from social science teachers, differences in the level of understanding of students, and the influence of the outside environment.

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