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Quality of educational management depends on organizationalbehavior. Therefore, behaviors must be systematically organized. Thisresearch explains about individual, group, and organizational behavior,especially from view of (1) the value system maintained at madrasahdiniyah, (2) the norm that runs among members of madrasah diniyah,(3) policy/rule that is applied at madrasah diniyah, (4) service climateat madrasah diniyah, and (5) performance, in both organizational healthand productivity. This research is designed in the qualitative approach.Data were gathered by using interview, observation, document, andfocusing on group discussion. The validity and reliability were verifiedby credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability test.The data were analyzed by using interactive model. The result ofresearch (1) the value system maintained at madrasah diniyah consistsof religious values, social values, and scientific values, (2) the normsthat run among members of madrasah diniyah are to obey the rules,obey the ethics, and social dedication, (3) policy/rule that is applied at madrasah diniyah, namely guidance and supervision, tolerance, and harmony, (4) service climate at madrasah diniyah, such as motivation,communication, team work, commitment of social service, andsatisfaction, dan (5) performance consists of both organizational healthand productivity.Based on the result of this research, finally it is recommended to: (1)managers, especially at madrasah diniyah to continuously improvetheir teacher’s competence, (2) community, especially moslem topay more attentions that madrasah diniyah has good teachers to teachtheir students, government, especially education office and religionaffair ministry to make precise decision for improving management ofmadrasah diniyah.Keywords: model, organizational behavior, madrasah diniyah



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