Quality (ISSN 2355-0333 E-ISSN 2502-8324) is an journal of empirical research in Islamic education published by the Management Islamic Education of Graduate Program in IAIN Kudus Indonesia. The journal publishes empirical research including management Islamic education, Islamic Teaching, Islamic Elementary School Teaching, Islamic Pre-School Teaching,  psychology of Islamic education, Islamic Guidance and Counseling,and intended to communicate about original research and current issues on the subject. Quality journal is open to contributions of experts from related disciplines.

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Vol 7, No 2 (2019): QUALITY

journal of empirical research in Islamic education

Table of Contents

Ahmad Nashiruddin
Rofiq Faudy Akbar
Achmad Ali Fikri, Muhammad Farid Bustomi, Astitik Nikmah
Mokh Imron Rosyadi
Maskur Maskur
Ali Murtadlo
Wikan Budi Utami, Yayat Hidayat Amir, Ponoharjo Ponoharjo, Fikri Aulia
Anik Muflihah, Arghob Khofya Haqiqi
Ahmad Yusuf
Nuridin Nuridin, Jupriyanto Jupriyanto, Elvrida Rosalia Indraswari