An Analysis on Pre-sequences in Making Invitation Used by freshmen of English as a Foreign Language: The Pragmatics Perspective

Yusuf Hidayat


This study reports the nature of making invitation carried out by freshmen students of the pragmatic point of view. It attempts to investigate the pre-sequences strategies used for the purpose of inviting in freshmen.  The respondents themselves were chosen from the English Education Program, a certain private university located in Ciamis, West Java Province. The results asserted that based on the data gained in the findings aforementioned, 80% of the respondents express their pre-sequences in the form of saying hello, and asking condition. Meanwhile, 20% of other respondents express their pre-sequences in other expressions. Furthermore, 100% of the respondents express pre-sequences expression in beginning their conversation before inviting their partners. In conclusion, the respondents expressed pre-sequences in beginning their invitation expression. Meanwhile, they are able to express quite proper politeness for inviting, accepting or refusing the invitation such suggested by the theory.


Pre-sequences; invitation; freshmen; English as a foreign language

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