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Studi Living Hadis Pada Seni Beladiri Moslem Self Defence (Mossdef System)

desti widiani, Jiyanto Jiyanto, nugraha agung wibawa


This study aims to examine the life of hadith in the phenomenon of Moosdem System (Moslem Self Defense) martial arts. Mossdef System or Moslem Self-Defense System or better known as the Moslem Street Fighting is a martial arts learning system or special self defense early confrontation, acts of thuggery and crime. This study uses a field research method with a qualitative approach based on field data obtained from informants and respondents by conducting observations and interviews. The phenomenological theory of Alfred Schutz as a knife for analysis is Because Of Motive and In Order to Motive to find out the causes and objectives of members of the Moosdef System martial arts. The traditions that live in the practice of martial arts in Moosdef System include mentality of Tauhid, strong believers are better and more loved by Allah, rejecting acts of thuggery, giving love to the Muslims, being humble and not arrogant, praying is the source of all the most important powers and weapons and trusts in Allah SWT.


Living Hadith, Martial Arts, Moosdef System


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Wawancara dengan Nugroho Agung Wibowo selaku pimpinan dari Mossdef System (Moslem Self Defence), pada hari Senin, 19 Maret 2018.

DOI: 10.21043/riwayah.v5i1.4754

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