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Welcome the era of globalization is of course all competing institutions in improving its service to the community, including libraries. Library earlier times all still simple, the existing management has not been laid out effectively so that the service is not maximized. Now to know the principles of librarianship are there then required libraries can play a lot in disseminating information. Progress today is demanding library to reorganize itself in the direction of progress in order not to be abandoned by society.

The library is a room, part of the building or the building it self which is used for storing books and other publications that are usually stored according to specifi c arrangements to use the reader, not for sale. With the above defi nition can be concluded that the library aims to utilize his collection to the public interest not to seek profi t maximization.

According to Law No. 43 of 2007, the library is an institution managing the collection of paper, printing paper, and recorded in a professional manner with a standard system to meet the needs of education, research, preservation, information, and recreation of the visitors.

For it an ideal library should have the following characteristics as a strong institutional structure, has an attractive design space, has a varied collection suit the visitors, an increase in the quality and quantity of librarians, have quality services.


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