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University library accreditation is a need. It acts as quality assurance of the library and supports the university development. The accreditation covers nine components, i.e.; Service, Cooperation, Collection, Material Organization, Human Resources, Physical Supports, Funding, Library Management, and Library Collection Maintenance. Service holds highest mark among them, that is 20 out of 100% by 12 key indicators under service aspects. This research assesses to what extent is IAIN Purwokerto able to prepare library accreditation based on service analysis. Employed quantitave-descriptive approach of library assesment based on standart of university library, the result projects that IAIN Purwokerto is able to get 39 out of 60 points. Even though, it has potency to get 52 points under service assessment. This potency could come from daily opening, weekly opening, members percentage over total students, member percentage over lecturers and university staff, promotion varieties, yearly promotion event, and literacy-information activity.


Accreditation; Service; Quality; University Library


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