Abdurrahman Kasdi


Existence nadzir very important in maintaining and managing the waqf.
According to Law No. 41 of 2004 amid Endowments, Nadzir divided into
three, namely: nadzir individuals, organizations and nadzir nadzir legal
entity. Nadzir efforts in developing endowment assets ie the memproduktifkan
waqf. In addition, no less important is the security of property assets donated
to charitable status is not contested by the parties are not responsible. There are
several things that must be done by the Inspectors, such as: first, immediately
make available the certificate of land ownership (if the endowment assets, such
as land). Second, advocates of endowment assets, which are still disputed.
Third, strengthening the productive waqf property. Nadzir have a central role
in the management of waqf in general. Therefore, the existence and quality of
human resources should nadzir exactly observed. Nadzir (whether individuals,
organizations and legal entities) must be made up of people who are honorable,
honest, well-behaved, experienced, mastered the science of administration
and finance necessary to carry out its duties in accordance with the type of
ownership and purpose. In general, the management of waqf can be directed
and built optimally, when nadzirnya trust (trustworthy) and professional.


Nadzir, Professional, Endowments, Management

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