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Author Guidelines

  1. AT-TABSYIR Journal of Islamic Broadcasting Communications received writing in the form of articles, research reviews, theoretical analysis, related to the theme of Islamic counseling. The entry will be selected by the editorial board. Posts must meet the following conditions:

    1. Writing refers to the development of the theory and application of science of Da'wah and Communications of Islamic Broadcasting.
    2. Writing is the result of research or conceptual study.
    3. Many posts between 4000-6000 words, left-top margin 4 cm, right-down 3 cm, typed with space 1.5 using the type font  Times New Roman  letter size 12 pt.
    4. The textual framework includes:
      1. Title (5-12 clear words and reflect the contents of the article)
      2. Author's name (without title)
      3. Author agency
      4. email address
      5. Abstract and Indonesian keywords (100-200 words)
      6. English abstracts and keywords
      7. preliminary
      8. discussion
      9. Conclusion
      10. Bibliography
    5. The abstract should be two languages, Indonesian and English / Arabic. Minimum keyword 3 word concept and maximum 5 word concept

    Quotes are written in the  middle note  (last name of author, comma, year, colon, and page). Example: (Motahhari, 2001: 195)

    Writing a bibliography in accordance with the rules of AT-TABSYIR Journal

    Example of the book: Jonah, Muhammad. 1983. Big-Arabic Indonesian Dictionary Jakarta: P3A Depag RI.

    Example of the article: Adlin, A. And I, Suryolaksono. 2000. Reduction of Human Conception: An Overview of the Era of Pramodernism, Modernism, and Postmodernism. Journal of Psyche  1 (2), 25-26.

    Note: If anything is unclear please send the question to


    Step Submit For Writers

    1. The author who will  submit the  manuscript to the journal site must register  online  independently on the "list" or "register" menu. If you have trouble contacting the editorial secretariat at email:   
    2. Once registered, do  submit  the manuscript to succeed (with the delivery status of active or  active submissions ).
    3. The manuscript is written in accordance with   the AT-TABSYIR Journal script template .
    4. Quote writing and bibliography using APA citation Style
    5. Author is prohibited to send the manuscript to another journal publishers before there is confirmation from the editor or the editorial secretariat (a maximum of 3 weeks after the draft be submit  and be accepted by the editor).
    6. The author must wait for the editor's decision (the results of  screening the  manuscript) and the results of the review recommendation of the manuscript within the stipulated time.
    7. The author is submissive and is subject to the recommendation of the review of manuscript and editor's decisions.
    8. Tutorial of creating a new journal account can be accessed in page
    9. Submit tutorial can be accessed in page

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 Creative Commons License

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Privacy Statement

Authors and editors will safeguard each other's privacy to avoid all forms of copyright infringement, such as duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism.