MALIA: Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance

MALIA; Journal of Islamic banking and finance is a published journal by Sharia Banking  Study Program of IAIN Kudus twice a year (January-June and July-December). MALIA; Journal of finance and Islamic banking limited only publish articles related to two major themes; Islamic banking and finance.

The first major theme is the Islamic Banking. The study of Islamic banking include all submissions related to Islamic banking, be it management, marketing, accounting, product, systems, and others. Specifically theme Islamic banking translated into various examples such as the role of Islamic bank in macroeconomics, funding of Islamic banks, Islamic banks products, IT systems, e-money, and so on.

The second major theme is the finance. finance includes all submissions related to Islamic finance and general finance

Besides limited to two major themes above, this articles prioritizes posts that have a value interesting discussion. The attractiveness of the indicators of content writing that contains (Introduction, Method, Reseach, and Discuss). The articles do not classify the types of journals, whether they are quantitative or not, as long as the text does not contain plagiarism and we do not receive the article has been publishing in other journals before

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