Membangun Kepribadian Anak dengan Dongeng

Ida Vera Sophya


Today, we can see that the negligence of parents and early childhood’s
teachers could not keep pace with the times. This can be seen from the
development of increasingly sophisticated technology and the rise of children’s
television programs become more interested. Given this phenomenon, the
parents and educators particularly in early childhood environment, should
be flashback while they are still at an early age. The existence of storytelling
activities tend to have waned since eroded by age and sophisticated era. Though
keep in mind that there are many benefits by giving a fairy tale to children.
Children’s tales are very useful for being able to glue the relationship between
parents and their children, as well as helping to optimize the development of
children’s psychological and emotional intelligence. The examples of fairy tales
that can be given to children is a tale of local knowledge that can be drawn
from the local legends and the unique stories.


fairy tales; children’s personality; emotional intelligent

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